✨🌟 Meet ‘Ninetysix’, two queer, sparkly people with raging ADHD who fell in love and ran away together to live their #vanlife era. They left their job and apartment to pursue a dream of travelling and making music on the road. 🎶🚐

Their journey speaks of resilience and unity. Facing mental health challenges, societal norms, and substance abuse, music is their refuge. 🎵❤️ Now living on their own terms, away from the constraints of conventional life, they found a space to heal, create, and prioritize their well-being and passion for music. 🌈🎤

What sets ‘Ninetysix’ apart is their authenticity. Every beat, lyric, and visual is their own masterpiece. Their indie spirit shines through in every piece they produce, showcasing the magic that happens when passion meets independence. 🌠🎹